A Day of Living Connected

by Incredible Connection 16 May 2019

Here at Incredible Connection, we love technology! Tech has made our lives better, easier, faster, and definitely more fun! Technology helps us to Live Connected. So, what does Living Connected mean? Let’s look at a day of Living Connected.

It's Monday morning. You are slowly waking up and getting ready for your first run of the week. You get dressed, set the right function on your Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Smartwatch, and off you go. Your morning run went well today, evidenced by the stats on your smartwatch. Time to hit the shower, get dressed and have some coffee. A delicious cup of coffee is made easier with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio , which allows you to customize each beverage to your taste.

It's the start of a new work week. Everyone is gathered around the water cooler. All the chatter is about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, the big match of the weekend, and why the chap from HR is in a moon boot. You finally get to your desk and start up your MacBook Pro. It's a very productive morning. All this work has kept you busy. You look up to realise lunch-time has arrived. You're starving so you order something from Uber Eats. While you're ordering on your new Samsung Galaxy S10+ , you decided to check all your notifications. 22 WhatsApp messages, 10 Facebook notifications, 36 Instagram notifications, and a Tinder message from your latest match. Your order has arrived. Time for that Skype meeting.

After sitting in traffic for an hour, you sweat it out at the gym. It's been a long day, and you are ready to relax. You switch on your Hisense 50" UHD Smart TV.  You decide what you will be doing for the rest of the evening. Perhaps you can finally watch the last two episodes of that series on Netflix? No, you decided its game night. You spend two hours playing a game on your Xbox One S Console .

Time for bed. It's a long day of Living Connected tomorrow.