Afford Your Great Tech Taste

by Incredible Connection 23 November 2019

We at Incredible Connection understand that you have great taste in tech, and at the very least the techy inside you craves that new game or the latest notebook. Often, these items seem out of reach or that you would have to take out a huge loan to make your dreams come true, but this is definitely not the case. We want to clear the air about applying for credit.

Who has the final say?

The South African Credit Bureauis our ultimate advisor when our customers apply for credit with us. We understand there is sometimes frustration faced by consumers who may not be granted the full amounts that they were provisionally approved for. In this case, we advise customers to contact the Bureau directly if their desired amounts are not met in order to review their case one on one. We work with your credit profile as advised by them, so it’s important that you understand what your profile looks like and how you can influence it positively.

What is my Credit Profile?

Simply put, the better you manage your existing accounts, the better your credit profile at the Credit Bureau. Once you get that rating going, we advise you to keep it up. Your profile is made up of all the borrowing terms you have with all vendors, retailer and banks. The more responsible you are, the easier the process of getting approved. So keep in mind that staying on top of your monthly payments is a vital tool to stay on track and keep building on your positive rating.

How do I apply and get approved?

We have three simple methods to apply for credit. Option 1, click here to follow the steps on our website. It’s important to complete all the details on this application to assist us in processing your application quickly. Option 2, you can SMS your South African ID Number to 43092 to find out if you qualify for credit. The 3rd option is to visit any of our stores and get the process going with one of our friendly staff members.

Breathe and Enjoy:

Incredible Connection offers our VIP Customers with great credit profiles a 6 months fixed loan term. In addition, with any purchase over R4999 we offer you 0% Interest that allows you to budget and plan for your purchases. With up to 36 Months to pay on large purchases, you can relax and enjoy your purchase while your payment schedule gives you comfort and flexibility. With these convenient options to pay, you’ll always be on track

Easy to understand statements

Incredible Connection makes reading your statements and understanding them easy. You can log in to your account and view your statement. If you are having difficulty viewing your statement you will find quick tutorials on how to read your statement and what to look out for. We also send you a tracking SMS that you can follow the steps to, in order to monitor your next payment dates and amounts.

Do a little Window Shopping

While waiting for your credit approval, why not compare our wide range of all things tech from TVs, gamingnotebooks and much more on our website. We know you can’t contain your excitement and there’s always a great deal online you can take advantage of. With Black Friday coming up, we recommend you get those credit approvals done and dusted so you can shop when you’re ready.

Still have questions?

One of our consultants will gladly clear up any grey areas you have so please don’t hesitate to contact us to ease your comfort with your Credit Application 0860011700