Get Your Device Repaired

by Incredible Connection 2 July 2019

At Incredible Connection, we like to make tech easy. It’s why we have our very own Techxperts to provide expert advice as well as assistance with installations, upgrades and technical repairs. Whether you need help in-store or on-site (home or office), with Incredible Solutions you can consider any technology problem solved, in one of the best repair turn-around times in the country.

One of our new and exciting offerings is our device repair service. So not only do we offer you the widest range of handsets & Devices but if you break it - we repair it. Our services include screen repairs, battery replacements, damaged buttons, software, and faulty ports. Our team only make use of premium parts when bringing your device back to life or simply giving it a facelift. When we've repaired your device, we back up our work with a 2-year warranty.

Here's what you have to know about our device repairs 

1. Our Incredible team will make every effort possible to repair your device within 48 hours of receipt of the device. This depends on the time you book in the device and stock availability. If you book in the device early enough, we might even return your device to you on the same day.

2. Unfortunately, no work will be conducted without written consent from you, the customer. We want you to know what is exactly wrong with your device and how we intend on getting it back to life ASAP.

3. Incredible Connection takes security very seriously. However, in order for us to properly test your device, we will require your passcode or iCloud access details. We will keep it safe - promise!

4. As mentioned, our repairs carry a 2-year warranty - with the exception of liquid damaged devices. LCD's and digitizers.

5. Certain parts may take 10-14 working days to be delivered to our store. This may impact the turnaround time of the repair work.

6. Incredible Connection will not be held responsible for the loss of data.

Device repair services are only available at these selected Gauteng stores: For a list of these stores, please visit

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