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32x means 32 times a certain factor. Used frequently with zoom lenses and CD-ROM drives. It applies to focal range of zoom lens from minimum to maximum and similarly with CD-ROM units. The first CD-ROM accessed data at 150 KB per second. In sequence, 2x=300KB per second, 4x=600KB per second. 32x equals up to 4800B per second. Because not all CD software is designed to perform at this optimal speed, 32x only applies to software that is optimized for it.
More commonly known as Three-Dimension. 3D follows what science defines as the most clear perception of physical reality. Many new games contain graphics that have greater depth and realism than the earlier 2-dimensional (2D) graphics. 2D is based on height and width and is considered `flat`. 3D is based on height, width, and depth. Many of the current PC models are already equipped with 3D graphics capabilities. Earlier PCs may require a 3D graphics accelerator upgrade to accommodate this feature. `3D` may also be used to describe sound. 3D sound means that there is a sense of spatial dimension, as if you were immersed into it - Surround Sound. Virtual 3D is an electronic simulation of 3D
A special speed application for certain modems. It allows file downloads from an internet site at speeds up to 56,000 baud per second (bps). The internet service provider, however, must be compatible with this standard. There are 2 speed standards that are currently available: 56x2 (developed by US Robotics) and K56Flex (developed by Lucent Technologies and Rockwell). Modem has the capability of reaching up to 56,000 bps Internet, 33,600 bps Data and 14,400 bps Fax data transfers with fall-back to slower speeds, as needed. Many modems now come with V90 standardization for virtual compatibility with all 56K protocols