Introduction to Modern Computers

2020 being the dawn of the new decade is only an opportunity for Incredible Connection to flex our tech muscles and show you just what Modern tech you should be on the lookout for. We also understand that more than anything else, with all the innovation out there, it can sometimes be challenging to navigate between speed, performance and so many design options.

In this blog we would like to introduce you to all things great, sexy and functional about Modern computers.

Firstly, the Oxford dictionary defines Modern as “of the present/ recent time". This should clarify that when we talk about Modern computing, we are referring to machines that are not well, "dated" or "clunkers". That being said, we're not really talking about the most expensive machines out there. Rather, we're wanting to showcase the wide range of Modern computers that we have on offer designed to serve your very specific needs for a laptop. We want to showcase this offer in a way that will ease your shopping experience and ensure you're making your best choice.

So let's talk about how we classify Modern computers here at Incredible Connection. In keeping with things of the "now", performance is the first thing that comes to mind but again, this could become quite complicated and drawn out, so here are the basics we think you need to know in order to make an informed decision. Essentially for a device to count as Modern, we need this to be an i3 and above with a start-up of <21 seconds. (So yes, how fast your machine kicks into gear matters). It also means how long your battery lasts i.e. Modern computers that have up to 10 hours’ battery life with fast charging capabilities! Why are these things important? In this rapid paced world, time is money and we’re all about efficiency so start up speed means the difference between loading your PowerPoint up in seconds vs those lengthy minutes that feel endless and painful.

However, as any good techy will know, this is just the start of performance measures on computers. We invite you to follow Incredible Connection in the upcoming months as we unpack more details about performance. These will give you more in-depth understanding of all aspects that go into making our Modern device range as comprehensive and accessible to all South Africans.

Let's move onto the good stuff. Experience!

When it comes to your laptop, it's no question that everyone has a preference and has certain quirks we desire in the usability of our computers. In this 20th century world, the options are equally endless so, again, we have summed up some of our best experience features that make up our Incredible Connection Modern devices range. As we've become more demanding of our computers, we've become equally demanding of the experiences we have with these smart devices. Not only must they keep up with our demanding lifestyles, but their ease of use have become equally, if not more important to us. If Modern is what you're looking for, then one or more of these features is a much have for you. Facial recognition, fingerprint ID with voice activation are a few examples of Modern experiences that make the difference between your personalized and just any computer experience. Add cellular connectivity and precision touch-pad and you have a device that is as unique as you are. If you're after a customized experience in your machine, then a Modern device is just what you need. When you think about your machine, we want you to feel like your device should not feel separate to you or any of your other devices. Your connection and integration should feel like the most natural transition you make from one to another and that provides for a truly modern experience.

Lastly, our headline classification for Modern computing lies in perhaps the most personal of choices i.e. Design. There are two major classes for design. Firstly, the aesthetic of what your machine looks and feels like. This ranges from having an "all-in-one" laptop, to a 2-in-1 convertible device. Again, all very personal to you and your preferences. It can go one step further into how thin and light the device is for you to carry around. When we talk about Modern computers, our focus is on Ultraslim Z-height with a 19.9mm and all in one. To go one step further a thin bezel with 75% screen to body ratio. (This is definitely one area where size does matter and you want to be on the right size of Modern). The second part of design is the effects that a sophisticated Modern device should carry is enhanced display attributes. These include premium displays and diversified aspect ratios that give you all the looks and the goods you'd expect from a Modern device. The benefits and clarity for which we can go on and on about. If you stay tuned to our social pages, we will be demonstrating each of our Modern features in detail and show you exactly which are the must have specs and what each of these offer you in some of our modern computer heroes.

One thing is for sure that with each new innovation, it becomes tougher to stay ahead of the tech computer game and making sure that you have a device that can support your work, study or play. These multitude of options can become confusing and somewhat overwhelming. This is why Incredible Connection has taken the lead in simplifying Modern computers, helping you shop for what you need and none of the extras you don't. We invite you to stay tuned to our social channels for up to date information as we rank, rate and test some of our best Modern devices, to give you answers and insights on how to find your perfect Modern device from Incredible Connection