Make Dad's Day Spec-Tech-ular

Make Dad's Day Spec-Tech-ular

by Incredible Connection 15 May 2019

Ubaba or Utata? Pa or Pappa? Dad or Daddy? No matter what you call him -  no more socks and ties. No more tools. No more getting a bottle of his favourite drink and some biltong. Okay, maybe that last one can still work, but it's time to reconsider Father's Day in 2019.

We know that not all fathers are the same. That is why we have tech and gadgets for every type of dad out there.

1. For the Fit Father

He wakes up in the early hours of the morning to go for a run while you are still fast asleep. He tells you about his new PR at CrossFit. He is a weekend warrior competing in races. He's even used you to do some bench presses. This is the fit father!

If dad is an Apple fan and has an iPhone, we would highly suggest getting him the Apple Watch Series 4With a proactive health monitor, comprehensive activity tracker and easy ways to connect, this watch is dad's ultimate workout partner. Alternatively, the Fitbit Versa is an all-day health and fitness companion that uses personalized insights, music & more to help dad reach his goals.

2. The Playful Pops

He always makes "dad jokes". He knows more about Marvel than you do. He most likely challenges you at FIFA - and beats you!

Dad is still young at heart and is playful by nature.

Incredible Connection is the perfect place to find dad a gift to keep him playing connected. Spoil dad with a gaming console, or a new game if he already has one! Games like Fornite and Apex is all the rage lately, so why not get dad a new pair of gaming headphones so that he can stay in touch with his squad.

All dads are a fan of something. Perhaps dad is upset Jon Snow isn't on the Iron Throne. Maybe he's the biggest Deadpool, Spiderman, Football, Looney Tunes, Mr Bean, or Stranger Things fan. No matter what dad's a fan of, there is a Funko Pop for him. 

3. Picture Perfect Present

Besides being the best dad ever, your father does have hobbies and passions. Try these great gifts to spark that fire in dad's heart. Is dad always taking the family photos? Does he enjoy photography?  If dad is currently clicking away on his smartphone, or just needs an upgrade, then it's time to look at our photography range. 

These are just a few ways you can spoil dad. Incredible Connection has a wide range of tech and gadgets to satisfy every father's needs.