Making Back 2 Varsity Incredible

It's the start of a new educational year for you. New possibilities, new knowledge, new friends, new subjects and new challenges. Even if you're not in your first year of varsity, it's still a good year to make it an Incredible year for education. Incredible Connection believes that the future belongs to young people with the imagination to create. We're striving to supply affordable technology to students, parents and schools.


You are going to research a lot, download lecture slides, take notes and a lot more in class. In order to be the best in class, you need all the help you can get. We also understand that you have a budget. Thus we have a wide range of notebooks that offers great value for less. From the incredibly affordable ASUS VivoBook X540 Celeron Notebook, which includes a free backpack, to the powerful Acer Spin 1 Pentium Notebook our notebooks will inspire you to learn, create and share more.


You are, or will soon be, a student. This means that you will be a very mobile person for the foreseeable future. Whether it's from home to varsity, your dorm to class, or from class to class, you are going to be travelling quite often. We have a wide range of bags to suit the needs of any student.

Only carry around a few things? Try the fun, bright and spacious Volkano two squared backpack. Need a serious laptop bag? Try the Kingsons 15.6-inch K-Series Backpack . Looking for bags, cases and laptop sleeves? Try Incredible Connection!

Portable Storage

Small things can make a big difference. You are going to have to store a lot of information, and we're not only talking about the things you learn. Whether it's presentations, big projects or any other documents, you will need a reliable portable storage device.

Coffee Machines

You are going to spend a lot of time studying, preparing projects, and doing research. Sometimes you might even need to do this late at night. Whether it's during study time or those early morning classes, you will need a little pick me up! Forget the dozens of monster cans and invest in a coffee machine. Student budget - yes, we know! The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo is an affordable machine that performs above its weight when it comes to making great coffee.  Even better, its maximum 15-bar pump pressure ensures a coffee shop quality result each time, creating the attractive crema on top of your coffee. Great drinks in a chic and stylish package.

It's a new year, new decade, and new dawn for education in South Africa. Start if off Incredibly with even more Incredible tech.