Protect Your Home the Smart Way

Protect Your Home the Smart Way

by Incredible Connection 15 May 2019

It has become routine for most South Africans: lock the gate, lock the doors, shut the windows, put on the alarm. Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes we have to do more to make our homes safer. You can utilise the power of tech to make your living spaces more secure, keep our possessions safer from the threat of burglary, and protect your family.

Light it Up

One way of discouraging intruders from targeting your property is to make sure the outside of your home is well lit. Try putting motion-sensing lights, such as the LifeSmart Motion Sensor, by your entrances and doorways.

A product such as the Ring Spotlight Camera is fantastic to make sure your property is always lit up and doubles up as a great camera too.

For the inside of your home, you should put light timers near your window. Take complete control of home lighting with the LifeSmart Smart Home Starter Kit Lighting SolutionIt works with the LifeSmart App to create triggers by using the cube motion sensor and clicker.

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere

The Ring Video Doorbell V2 gives you the power to watch over your home in crystal-clear video. Now you can see, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere. Answer the door from your smartphonetablet and or PC with instant mobile alerts and two-way talk.

Let Big Brother Keep an Eye on Things

You can't always be at home to keep an eye on things. Even if you are, you are meant to enjoy life and shouldn't focus on your surroundings  24/7. The Homeguard 1080p Wireless Indoor IP Camera is an easy remote viewing surveillance system, in a powerful pan & tilt IP camera. Remotely control this camera via your any smart device or computer.

Want to keep an eye on your outside property? CCTV cameras are powerful tools to protect your home. The Homeguard 720P CCTV Bullet Camera can easily be mounted to your outside wall to keep watch day and night.

Put a spotlight on safety and be more secure with the latest innovation in home security.