Samsung S20 Series - A true game changer

The team at Samsung have invented a new language in smartphones with the launch of the new S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, and it will take your breath away.

Samsung have focused their innovative energy on converging AI, 5G and IOT into one idea and with the S20 series, into one device. Out the box with Android 10 the S20 series have really made the impossible, well, possible. When it comes to screen size, one thing is for certain, size does count. Starting from a 6.2" display for the S20, to a 6.7" S20+and then an impressive 6.9" S20 Ultra display, all in Infinity-O Displays. And did we mention the colours? The S20 comes in the most adorable cloud pink and blue with a cosmic greyoption. The S20+ mimics the cloud blue and cosmic grey, but introduces cosmic black. The S20 Ultra cosmic grey and cosmic black are the natural colours of choice.

Now, smartphones at their heart are essential to keeping us connected. 5G has become a hot new word in the land of tech and all three S20models are equipped with a 5G modem baked in for faster sharing, live-streaming and upload and download speeds that will change our expectations for every connected device we interact with. When 5G lands in South Africa, you can be sure that the manufacturer that has sold over 6 million 5G devices is one to trust and will be prepared for it. Partnering with Google, you can come face to face with those who matter most and connect seamlessly to Google Duo directly from your phone, messages, or contacts app and enjoy smooth video calls across multiple OS.

However, in 2020 we don't just connect with words on a call or text, gaming has accelerated on smartphones and have become the new in-the-moment way we stay in touch with people through a common shared interest. Samsung have taken it one step further with the S20 Series thanks to powerful RAM and an enhanced processor with built-in advanced AI and powerful batteries up to all day 5000mAh (typical), ensures you never miss a thing. The improved 120Hz refresh rate support means that gaming on the newS20series makes every move count - which you would have to experience to believe.

Of course the way we stay most connected is by sharing our lives through photos and videos across our social media, with family far away or even keeping special moments tucked away in our photo albums. But get ready to have everything you know about smartphone cameras thrown out. The S20series have pushed every boundary you've ever felt has held you back from taking the perfect shot. It's time to talk about the camera or should I say cameras that propel the S20 series into the next decade.

The S20 features a triple rear camera. These include a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. The S20 and S20+ takes you to a never-before-seen 64MP telephoto camera coupled with 3x hybrid zoom and up to 30X super resolution zoom.

The S20+lifts the scale to a quad camera to give you an additional depth-vision camera for additional photo-sharpness. And onto the S20 Ultra that has taken the biggest leap forward in resolution and camera quality for smartphones to date. The S20 Ultra has the full quad camera, but get ready to experience your life in 108MP wide-angle and 48MP telephoto camera. Let's take a moment to appreciate that 108MP camera means millions more pixels for an impossibly sharp shot that you can pinch, pinch and pinch again without losing any quality. This is due to the almost telescopic- like 100x zoom that will let you find detail in your photos that you didn't even know you captured. You can image the power at your fingertips with quality like this in a camera, but our advice is to come down to an Incredible Connection store and experience it first-hand. You won't be sorry.

But as is Samsung's objective, merging incredible AI technologies, the bright night mode makes use of larger sensors to optimize your low light photos to give you the best photo result without any of the blur. Our favourite feature having experienced it first hand is the Single Take function. Single take makes the best use of the S20series cameras and revolutionary AI to shoot up to 10 seconds of anything you like, and then spits out a variety of formats of photos that means you can choose the best shots to share on your Instagram page or the one with everyone's eyes open or at least one where your kids both look at the camera. While we're on cameras, let us give you the rundown of the selfie cameras, coz it's 2020 and that's what it's all about. The S20 and S20+ comes with a 10MP front camera but have you ever seen yourself in a 40MP selfie? The S20 Ultra features an untouched 40MP front camera, that will make you love your every selfie, that is, ring-light or not. Super sophisticated AI keeps your hand stable with improved sensors and anti-rolling stabilizer counter so if you could possibly imagine, it just keeps getting better with the S20 series.

We cannot say enough about the cameras of the S20 series and what they are able to do, but there is still so much more to cover with what these smart devices can shoot. Standard 4k has been standard video quality on smartphones. That is, until Samsung walked in with 8K video recording that allows you to capture and zoom stills from your video without losing a pixel. The S20 and 8K snap is about to change the way you see the world around you and the way you want to see the world around you. And share it, instantly with up to 5 friends at the same time that are nearby, no pairing needed!

Samsung have stepped up their game in almost every aspect of smartphones and unbelievably they have not held back with an expandable memory for an up to 1TB MicroSD slot, water resistance up to 1.5M and Knox platform real-time monitoring and protection for your security. Samsung pay will now be available across all major banks in South Africa, making it the easiest and safest way to pay your way.

We just cannot contain our excitement and Incredible Connection needed to do everything we could to make sure that we were one of the first to open pre-orders with our exclusive deals offering free Samsung Buds and up to R3000 online vouchers. Make sure you check out our exclusive pre-order page and you could have this revolutionary device before it even hits stores next month.