Stay on Track. Don't Be Left in the Dark.

Sir Francis Bacon was the first person attributed to the phrase 'Knowledge is Power' - way back in 1597! If only Sir Francis knew how right he would be in 2019 - the information age. We are lucky to live in an age where almost anything is just one click away. Let's say a certain writer wants to know who first coined the phrase 'Knowledge is Power', said writer just has to make use of Google. Or, let's say a certain shopper, we will call him Bob, is looking for the latest computers, notebooks & tablets, said shopper can simply shop for it online at one of South Africa’s much-loved technology retail stores.

Okay, great! Our shopper ordered the HP Pavilion Gaming i7 Notebook online from Incredible Connection. Bob is very excited to receive his brand-new notebook and is especially chuffed that his notebook will be delivered to him for free. Bob wonders when he will receive his new device. He wonders if he should take a day or two's leave - just in case the delivery man arrives. He has it all planned out. He's going to sit and wait by his window, on his favourite camping chair, with all his favourite snacks, and a lot of water for hydration. Oh, poor Bob!

If only Bob knew that he ordered his notebook from one of the best online tech retailers. If only Bob knew that our top-notch service and after-sales support is what keeps our customers coming back; time after time, year after year. If only Bob knew that he can track his order online, by simply using his order number and email address. It takes one business day from placing your order before you can track it. Enter your order number and email associated with your order to see tracking details.

Be like Sir Francis Bacon. Use the power of knowledge, and track your order.