The Four PC Personalities

In life, you will always form part of a clique or two. We find this in schools, the sporting world, and even the technology sector. You might be a lifelong Samsung fan or an Apple enthusiast (we can add Huawei to this battle too). You either have an Xbox or PlayStation. You either own a MacBook or a Window-base laptop. But regardless of the brand, what can your computer tell us about you?

If you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, then the computer he personalises with wallpaper, icons and his preferred software provides us with even more information. Although this is not an exact science, we can look at the Big Five personality traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. All five can be reflected in our computing habits.

Without any further ado, here our PC personalities:

   1.    Tidy Thabo


Thabo is neat - very neat! He cleans his own desk and computer screen every morning, has his stationary organised in his drawer and has a place for every file. It's the same at his apartment - very neat with everything in place!

If someone gave us Thabo's HP Notebook, without knowing the information mentioned above, what would we see? Thabo has an efficient, clean desktop. His icons are organised in a neat, systematic manner with little clutter. He has a very well-organised inbox with folders in place for everyone. Thabo shows attention to detail, displaying the more organised aspects of the conscientiousness trait. Although he is highly unlikely to be distracted by rolling emails and social media, he will, however, spend ages organising files.

   2.    Rebecca the Radical



We can summarise Rebecca in four words: untidy desktop, untidy mind. Rebecca sits next to our tidy friend Thabo - a match made in heaven, right? Rebecca usually runs into the office as she's a few minutes late. Today she has a coffee stain on her blouse. Her desk looks like a toddler's playroom with papers, pens, and yesterday's takeaway coffee cup still on her desk.

What will we find when we have a look at her MacBook? Rebecca has a file system that’s poorly indexed and poorly maintained. This could show a care-free attitude that lacks focus and self-discipline but can also reflect an openness to new ideas and inventiveness. Rebecca is a designer so creative use of search tools keeps her files accessible.

   3.     Michelle the Methodical Minimalist

Michelle is a computer programmer. She wears a white shirt on most days. She loves to make lists: shopping lists, guest lists, to-do lists, you name it and she will list it! Cleanness and functionality appeal to her, rather than the overly decorative. So naturally, she gravitates towards clean lines, even textures and neutral colours.

Let's have a look at Michelle's desktop when we open her Dell notebook. The first thing you will notice is the clean blue spaces on her desktop. Michelle prefers organised, hierarchical menus to glossy graphics. This explains her preference for analytical language-based systems, with alphabetical lists displacing icons on the desktop.

   4.     Sbu the Socialite

Sbu is the head of the social media team and the life of the office. He looks like he stepped out of the GQ magazine. His hair is always on point and he knows which DJ is playing at that popular club this Friday. He loves to talk about the latest episode of Stranger Things and is a big Liverpool supporter!

When we look at his desktop, we see a lot of colour! He makes use of two screens and if you look very closely you can see a minimised window where he is streaming the latest series.

No matter what your PC personality you have, you will sure Find a Laptop at Incredible Connection.