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The Incredible Black Friday

Where has 2018 gone – we know right? As we edge closer to the month of November, there is only one thing on our mind. We have two words for you – Black Friday 2019!

Yes it is time to prepare for Black Friday 2019. The one time of the year where our tech and gadgets are even more affordable than our usual awesome tech deals. To prepare you for the Incredible Black Friday, and to avoid your mind having total malfunction on the day, we have prepared a Black Friday 2019 User Manual.

  1. 1. Create your Incredible Connection Account for Black Friday 2019 for ease at payment.

  2. 2. You need to pay for that screen time. TVs cannot be purchased without a VALID TV license.  Check your TV License.  The TV License and the Account holder of the Incredible Connection Account must match to ensure you receive your TV purchased. Failure to do this, might result in your order being cancelled. 
    View My Licenses

  3. 3. Make sure your card is ready for Incredible deals. Make sure your card is enrolled for 3D Secure

Click the button below to your institution’s 3D Secure site, and follow the necessary instructions.

4.Various payment options will be available, for your convenience:

● In-store Payment Options

We accept Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Credit, Discovery Miles, uCount Rewards and eBucks.

● Online Payment Options

We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa Checkout, Mobicred, Discovery Miles, uCount Rewards and EFT Pro.

● Please note the following:

Lay-by is not accepted for this offer during the duration of the sale.

To purchase on Credit or Mobicred, all Credit and Mobicred applications and approvals must be made 5 working days before the sale commences. Applying for credit on the date of the sale may not guarantee immediate approval