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All criteria must be met before selecting "YES"!

•Device can be turned on and off

•Device reaches home screen or setup menu

•Charging port is without visual damage

•Device is working without charger

•No signs of corrosion on frame, in headphone jack, in charging port and in SIM slot which can refer to liquid damage

All criteria must be met before selecting "YES"

•LCD is without any signs of discoloration (use light background to check) or pixel damage

•Touchscreen is fully working (check edges of the screen)

•Display is fully covered with glass, but can be cracked

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All criteria must be met before selecting "YES"

•Display is without cracks

•There are no cracks, splits or fractures on the frame or back cover

•The frame of the device is not bent

•Plastic seal between frame and display is not cracked or broken

•There are no chips on the edge of the display glass

•Camera glass is not cracked

•Device is complete, no parts missing (battery, backcover, port cover)

•Screen is not loose (check edges of the screen)

•Without heavy damage to its structure (frame is not deformed)

All criteria must be met before selecting "YES"

•All buttons work easily (Home, Power, Volume and Mute), no excessive force is needed

•No unoriginal parts or modifications have been used


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