Warm Your Soul this Winter

Warm Your Soul this Winter

by Incredible Connection 2 July 2019

Days are shorter, nights are longer, and getting out of bed is a little more difficult. Yes, Winter has arrived and has us wondering if shivering this much counts as exercise. Unfortunately, we don't have the right tech to change the weather, but what we do have a latte amazing items to mocha Winter warm and delicious.

Here are 4 great products to make brew-tiful warm drinks this Winter:

1. Delonghi Prima Donna Elite

If you're looking for the ultimate way to warm up this winter, then look no further than the Delonghi Prima Donna Elite. Like your taste, this elite coffee machine is unique. It has to be the smartest coffee machine we've seen. It not only offers you delicious bean-to-cup coffee delivery and auto-preparation of milky drinks, but it will sync up to your phone to let you design your own drinks and order them remotely. Make winter delightful with a variety of drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, cappuccino+ and cappuccino mix.

2. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Stelia 

If you prefer using capsules, then the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Stelia is a must this winter. Marvel at its seamless curves, inspired by a coffee drop. Just one touch allows you to customise the size of your cup, and to always enjoy your coffee - exactly the way you like it. We feel obligated to warn you that your coffee experience will never be the same after indulging in Nescafe's Dolce Gusto coffee.

3. Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle

This is for the old school people. You've perfected the art of making coffee with the perfect mixture of coffee, sugar, and milk. You've mastered stirring your cup of coffee to get the best tasting coffee possible. The Russell Hobbs Legacy is just for you! This beautiful kettle has been designed with the perfect pour spout, preventing water drips. The 360-degree cordless base means that you can make coffee on-the-go. This is a winner this Winter!

4. Salton 16lt Stainless Steel Urn

Winter doesn't mean that family gatherings and events with your friends have to end. It simply means that you will have to serve coffee on a larger scale. If you want to be a great host this Winter, then you will need the Salton 16lt Stainless Steel Urn. This urn delivers high power heating while being an efficient energy saving appliances. Be the hero of the festivities this Winter and get your hands on this beautifully designed brushed stainless steel urn.

Take it one cup at a time to ensure that it's the best Winter there has ever bean!