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by ASUS Product Code: 000000000010068865
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Product Features

ROG Gamers Design
Gaming Grade Nvidia Graphic
Intelligent Cooling
Asus Strix Core i7-7700HQ
Warranty: 2 yrs
Gaming Accessories


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Product Features

ROG Gamers Design
Gaming Grade Nvidia Graphic
Intelligent Cooling
Asus Strix Core i7-7700HQ
Warranty: 2 yrs
Gaming Accessories


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Overview of the G752VS series

The ROG G752VS series is a 17-inch, premium gaming notebook with supreme ROG styling and ultra-high performance in all areas.

Designed for users who need uncompromising performance and features in every facet of design. Distilling a high-end desktop gaming and VR-capable PC, workstation and entertainment center into a portable notebook.

Featuring the most-premium Intel 7th Generation unlocked mobile processor: Core i7-7820HK, Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics, up to 64GB DDR4 memory up to 2800MHz, and two NVMe PCIE x4 (Samsung SM961 in the OC Edition) M.2 drives in RAID 0. It’s absolutely packed with leading-edge technologies.

Users can choose between an Ultra HD 4K wide-view panel with crisp PPI, or, fast Full HD 120Hz wide-view panels. Both support NVIDIA® G-SYNC®, giving games tear-free and smooth visuals. Both are matte and virtually reflection-free, and feature ultra-wide viewing panels, a wide color gamut and great contrast.

Throughout it has ‘naked’ brushed aluminum, with an illuminated ROG logo and stripes on the top cover. Mixing this metallic gray with the burnt orange elements and translucent cover underneath allowing gamers to see part of the copper thermal module.

The soft-red backlit keyboard is specially designed for gaming and typing, with 30-key roll over, anti-ghosting and a 2.5mm travel distance that mimics the style of desktop gaming keyboards. The WASD are specially marked and the arrow keys are isolated with extra space for ease of use. 

Product Positioning

The G752VS is designed as a premium gaming, and all-round ultra-high performance notebook with exquisite styling.
It’s designed to stand out from the crowd, expressing the personality of its user through its choice of premium materials and distinct colors and shapes, rather than being another plain, rectangular notebook on the desk.
The fast CPU, GPU, premium display panel options and huge memory are specifically aimed at professional applications – VM, database, 3D-rendering, VR, image and video production, etc; and gamers users you want a larger, uncompromising performance notebook. Requirements include a high-end desktop/workstation replacement that’s still very portable, and capable of heavy gaming sessions at ultra-settings with smooth gameplay, where the G752VS certainly delivers.
What makes the ROG stand out is its attractive brand styling, commitment to a unique design, a balanced set of leading features and useful software package combined.

OC Edition: 3-Way Overclocked

The OC Edition of the G752VS incorporates 3-way overclocking: CPU, GPU and DRAM. When activated, the OC Edition boosts the CPU clock to 4.3-4.4GHz, the GPU clock to 1606/1783MHz with its GDDR5 memory at 9GHz (effective). The DRAM can also be overclocked from 2,400MHz to 2,800MHz, but this requires manually enabling XMP from the Turbo Gear settings. The overclocked settings require the notebook to be mains powered, as you’d expect given the extra power demanded during overclocking. 

Both the CPU and GPU overclocks can be enabled at any time and are performed on the fly from within Windows. As the DRAM overclock requires frequency retraining of the DRAM bus, this requires a reboot cycle to enable XMP.

To enable the overclocked setting go to the Gaming Center, then just left of upper-center is the ‘Turbo Gear Config’ setting. Switch ‘Standard’ to ‘Extreme’ and the notebook will automatically switch to the faster settings. Clicking the gear opens the settings menu, which shows more details. 

Manual overclocking is also supported and can be adjusted under the same settings menu, with XMP, processor cache ratio, active core multiplier adjustments allowed for CPU, and base clock offset and memory clock offset all included for GPU.

World’s First 3D Vapor Pipe Chamber Thermal Design

ROG has always been at the forefront of cooling technologies – it was the first to bring independent fan control and coolers for GPU and GPU that exhaust to the rear, avoiding hot air burning the user during sustained system load. This intelligent design has just been upgraded further with an anti-dust system that pushes dust particles out towards the edge of the blower fan, avoiding clogging the fins of the heatsink.

It also introduces a world-wide first blending of vapor chamber and heatpipe into a single entity: whether the vapor chamber extends directly into the heatpipes that lead to the cooling fins, dramatically improving cooling performance and reducing temperatures.

This replaces the commonly used sintered heatpipe soldered to aluminum heatspreader design.

The new design allows the CPU and GPU to work in hotter ambient air environments and/or avoid thermal limitations for longer, sustaining boost clocks and leading performance where possible.

Intel has heavily optimized its 14nm process (14nm+) for its 7th Generation products, with a 12% increase in process performance that gives a surprising jump over previous 6th Generation.

While instructions per clock (IPC) remains the same, there are improved clock speeds at the same or lower voltages. Combining these core speed boosts with an enhanced Speed Shift technology gives a boost to short-burst responsiveness of everyday computing. Note that this might not show up in heavy benchmarks, but it certainly positively affects user-experience

 Further enhancements were made to its dedicated video and media processing hardware. Specific additions to the codec lineup include decode/encode support for 10-bit HEVC, decoding support 10-bit VP9 and encode support for 8-bit VP9. This translates to the addition of HDR support with tone mapping and Wide Color Gamut (Rec. 2020). All 7th Generation products can now decode and encode HEVC at up to 4K @ 120Mbps.

Intel Core i7-7820HK Unlocked Processor

The OC edition of the G752VS features the unlocked Core i7-7820HK processor. With the flick of a button this processor can be overclocked from 2.9GHz/3.9GHz to 3.5GHz/4.3-4.4GHz, delivering never-before seen performance from a notebook.

Even before the overclocking, the i7-7820HK is the fastest mobile processor Intel offers, powering four cores and eight threads well beyond 4GHz. The i7-7820HK is designed to take the most demanding heavily-threaded or high-burst tasks with ease and efficiency.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Nvidia’s ‘Pascal’ generation of graphics cards turn the idea of ‘slower’ notebook graphics cards entirely on its head – the GeForce GTX 1070 actually has more CUDA cores than its desktop counterpart at 2,048 vs 1,920, and despite its core clock just ~50MHz less at 1,442MHz, its boost clock is just 40MHz shy at 1,645MHz delivering the same or faster performance.

All the other specs remain the same: 8GHz (effective) of GDDR5 sits on a 256-bit bus giving 256GB/s of memory bandwidth.

The GTX 1070 is ideal for fast (120Hz) gaming on the Full HD panel and 4K gaming at ‘High/Very High’ game settings. It’s also perfect for VR and the G752VS is VR-ready with HDMI output and enough USB 3.0. ports to support a VR headset directly connected.

The OC Edition model boosts core clock speeds 100MHz from standard 1,506/1,683MHz to 1606/1783MHz, and memory from 8GHz (effective) to 9GHz (effective).

This range of options covers all gaming and user needs from the most extreme performance to large capacity, yet all feature the ultra-responsive and fast M.2 NVMe PCIE x4 SSDs as the boot drive.

The almost universally critically acclaimed Samsung SM961 is featured in the OC version, where two in RAID 0 yields the fastest possible setup.

64GB ‘Overclocked’ 2800MHz DDR4 Memory

The G752VS specifically caters for users who need very large capacity (>32GB) memory – possibly for professional applications – and coupling with high performance memory is certainly beneficial because of the greater amount of data available to process. Please bare this in mind when applying your test suite.

The OC edition features 2400MHz DDR4 memory and can be manually overclocked by users to 2800MHz, that delivers 30-40% better bandwidth than baseline 2133MHz, and 10-20% better PCMark8 performance. Setting this XMP setting can easily be applied from the Windows software, but due to DRAM retraining it requires a system reboot.Four DDR4 SO-DIMM slots are provided, so even if the user specs a lower memory capacity there is sufficient upgrade space later.

Ultra HD or Ultra-Fast Wide-View Gaming Panels

The G752VS series offers both Ultra HD or fast Full HD wide-view panel options, to accommodate all user needs.

Even though the GTX 1070 will be stretched by a few games at Ultra HD 4K resolution, the addition of GSync will mitigate any drop in frame-rate below 60fps, allowing smooth, tear-free gaming even if FPS might occasionally dip into the 30s.

There are also benefits beyond gaming to the G752’s target market; ROG expects those opting for Ultra HD to favor the content creation and its heavy multi-tasking benefits. Its use for cutting-edge entertainment such as 4K Netflix, YouTube and with the addition of a suitable USB drive, 4K Blu-ray discs can be enjoyed also.

Meanwhile the Full HD panel option offers a fast 120Hz, which also combined with GSync affords tear-free gaming across a very wide range of frame rates, giving an awesome gaming experience.  All panel options are wide-view spec providing a great color gamut, wide viewing angles and an impressive contrast ratio.

Gamer-centric Keyboard Design

The scissor switch keys with 2.5mm travel provide a great responsive feel, that’s as good for everyday typing as it is specifically for gaming. The keys are anti-ghosting and with 30-key rollover, while the keyboard itself is a strengthened, seamless one piece design to give a consistent typing experience across every key.

It has gently highlighted WASD keys, a left-side enlarged space-bar to increase the surface area for the thumb-hit, and offset arrow keys so they can be easily found without having to look down.

Thunderbolt 3

In line with its professional and workstation use credentials, Thunderbolt 3 delivers 20Gbit/s via USB Type-C connector. This allows external devices such as RAID-storage, docks and external GPUs, among others, to connect an extend the G752VS’s capability.

The Type-C connector can be used for Thunderbolt, DisplayPort video output or USB 3.1 devices at up to 10GBit/s.

Gaming Software Package

ROG Gaming Center

Launched via a dedicated button, the ROG Gaming Center is a portal to

ROG utilities, apps and tools. It’s a one-stop interface for monitoring and fine-tuning system components; for managing user-selected game profiles, keyboard profiles, macros and ASUS software direct from its easy user interface.

ROG GameFirst IV

The latest GameFirst IV delivers a new bar for fine-grained bandwidth control: four preset modes for software – optimization, priority, media streaming and file-sharing; five levels of priority control and manual bandwidth control.

This fourth edition software has been extended further adding a detailed diagnostics package that’s simply unavailable elsewhere: network monitor, bandwidth test and networking information help users clearly identify their network information and any potential bottlenecks.

Sonic Studio II

In its second edition, Sonic Studio is a central control for audio effects and profile management. In sync with the Xsplit software provided and dedicated recording button, there are optional enhancements to audio casting included too.

Processor frequency 2.8 GHz
Processor cache 6M Cache
Processor boost frequency 3.8 GHz
Processor family Intel Core i7
Internal memory 8 GB
Internal memory type DRAM DDR4 8G *2
Maximum internal memory 64G
Storage media 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD
Total storage capacity 1000 GB
Hard drive speed 7200RPM 2.5' HDD
Hard drive interface SATA
Built-in speaker(s) Y
Built-in microphone Y
Front camera HD web camera
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.1
Bluetooth Y
Wi-Fi standards 802.11ac
Wi-Fi Y
Ports & interfaces
USB 3.1 ports quantity 1x USB3.1-Type C(Gen2) with Thunderbolt
Mini DisplayPort quantity 1
HDMI ports quantity 1
Operating system architecture 64bit
Battery technology Li-ion Battery Pack
Number of battery cells 8 cell
Battery capacity (Watt hours) 88WHrs
AC adapter power 230W AC Adapter
Password protection BIOS Booting User Password Protection
Weight & dimensions
Width 41.6(W) cm
Depth 32.2(D) cm
Height 2.00 ~ 4.90 (H) cm
Colour of product black
Full HD Slim FHD Anti-Glare
Aspect ratio 16:9
LED backlight LED Back-lit
Display resolution 1920x1080
Display diagonal 17.3"