Get easy and affordable 12-24 month cover for:

  • Tv's
  • Cellphones
  • Computers


  • It's cost effective. Adding your new electronic equipment to your home or household insurance policy can push up the monthly premiums significantly.
  • Insuring new electronic equipment with this policy means that if you do need them to claim, it wont affect the no-claim bonus pay out of any home or household insurance policies you may have.
  • Quick claims turnaround within 10 days for repairs and 5 days for replacements.
  • Convenience - no need to wait for a quote to get cover.
  • Payment is once-off. There are no monthly installments to worry about.
  • You can choose either a 12 or 24-month policy.


These are some of the first concerns people have when their electronic equipment is lost, stolen or damaged:

Q: Will my goods be replaced or repaired?

A: Your goods will, at the sole discretion of Abacus, be repaired if financially feasible or replaced if not.

Q: If replaced, will my goods be replaced with one of the same capability and/or value?

A: Yes, it will be replaced with the same or a similar product 

Q: How quickly will the claim be processed?

A: We know your electronic equipment is an indispensable item. Claims submitted with all supporting documentation will be processed by Abacus within 5 days from the date upon which all claim documentation is received. In the case of repairs, this turnaround time excludes the actual repair by the appointed agent.

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