Why spend valuable time setting up devices when our TechXperts can do it for you in store?

Laptops, MacBook & iMac

• Unpack the box, ensure that all accessories and parts are included.
•  Plug in the device and switch it on to boot into Windows/IOS.
•  Assist with the setup of device (User name & Passwords).
•  Run updates on the machine to ensure the device is up to date.
•  Install Essential Apps (WhatsApp Desktop, Internet Browser, VLC Media Player, CCleaner Free)
•  Personalise theme.
•  Setup email accounts.
•  Install any software that you have purchased from Incredible or any other retailer.
•  Install hardware upgrades (RAM installations).
•  30-minute one-on-one tutorial with the technician.
•  Register your device for a FREE 3-year warranty.

Cellular Devices

•  Unpack the box, ensure that all parts are in the box.
•  Insert SIM card (and Micro SD storage card if necessary) into the phone.
•  Switch phone on and assist with initial setup of the unit.
•  Ensure that the SIM card is registered and that the unit can receive calls.
•  Set up any email accounts on the phone you want to have linked to the device.
•  Install essential Apps (WhatsApp; Facebook; Twitter; EskomSePush).
•  Register your iPhone or iPad for a FREE 2-year warranty.

Device limit may apply.

Other Services