Are you looking to upgrade your business' old tech but don't want to break the bank?
Trading in your business' old tech is a great way to get the latest and greatest whilst avoiding exorbitant costs.
Trade in is available on the following tech:

By trading in your old devices, you will enjoy a variety of benefits that come with a new device such as improved speed, improved security and access to the latest technology.

Trade in value is based on the following grading criteria:

  • 100% - Working (general wear and tear is acceptable).
  • 90% - No power, does not switch on and water damaged.
  • 75% - Broken Screen, broken LCD, frozen touch screen, pixel damage, yellow discolouration on screen and dead pixels.
  • 35% - Physical damaged, cracked plastic and glass screens, large scratches, swollen battery, dents and cracked casing.
  • Value of trade-in to be loaded on an Incredible Gift Card.
  • Standard Incredible terms and conditions on the gift card.
  • No charger is required for a trade in.


The device being traded in needs to be at least 20% charged. Consumers to give consent to have IMEI numbers of the device to be checked via TransUnion and Checkmend for blacklisting.

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