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Delonghi Infrared Gas Heater IR3010

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  • Three power levels
  • Double safety system
  • Avoids leaks
  • Large cavity for gas bottle
  • 2 year warranty
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Delonghi Infrared Gas Heater IR3010

Delonghi Infrared Gas Heater IR3010

The De'Longhi IR3010 Gas heater's high efficiency burner radiates most of its heat as radiant energy to achieve the ideal level of comfort.


Three Power Levels

1400 W: Ideal for smaller rooms or for maintaining a minimal level of warmth without consuming a lot of gas.

2800 W: A medium setting that balances warmth and energy consumption, suitable for moderate-sized rooms.

4200 W: The highest setting, designed to heat larger spaces quickly. It's especially useful in very cold conditions.


Double Safety System

The De'Longhi IR3010 prioritizes safety with its double safety system, which includes:

CO2 Presence Check: This feature monitors the level of carbon dioxide in the room. If CO2 levels rise above a certain threshold, which could indicate inadequate ventilation, the heater will automatically turn off to prevent the risk of CO2 poisoning.

Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS): The heater also checks for a decrease in oxygen levels within the room. Should the oxygen level drop too low, the heater will shut off to prevent asphyxiation risks.

Flame Status Monitoring: This ensures the heater is functioning correctly and safely by monitoring the status of the flame. If the flame goes out, the gas supply is automatically cut off to prevent gas leakage, offering peace of mind regarding potential gas hazards.


Large Gas Bottle Cavity

The IR3010 can accommodate a large-capacity gas bottle, which means fewer replacements and interruptions. This is particularly convenient for users who rely on the heater for extended periods or do not have easy access to replacement gas bottles.



Equipped with handles and castors, the IR3010 is designed for easy movement around your home or workspace. This feature is particularly useful for those who need to heat multiple areas at different times or prefer to store the heater when not in use.


Ideal Use Cases

Residential: Perfect for homes needing an efficient and safe heating solution. Its portability makes it ideal for heating different areas as needed.

Workshops and Garages: The high-efficiency burner and the ability to use a large gas bottle make it suitable for spaces that may not have central heating.

Outdoor Spaces: For enclosed patios or similar areas, the highest power setting can provide warmth, extending the usability of these spaces into the cooler months.


The gas heater's combination of efficiency, safety features, and convenience makes it an excellent choice for a variety of heating needs. Its ability to monitor safety conditions while providing adjustable heat levels ensures both comfort and peace of mind for users.




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