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Elegance Foldable Gas Heater RY10-04E

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  • Compact foldable gas heater
  • Piezo-electric ignition
  • Infrared fast heating and energy saving
  • Three-stage heat setting
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Regulator fitted and supplied
  • 2 year warranty
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Elegance Foldable Gas Heater RY10-04E

Elegance Foldable Gas Heater

The sleek foldable Elegance gas heater is energy efficient, a reliable source of heat and have low ongoing running cost. It is also environmentally friendly as gas offers a low-emission alternative to electricity generated from coal. It presents a blend of portability, safety, and efficiency, making it a viable option for users seeking a flexible heating solution. Its design and features are tailored for ease of use and efficient heating.


Key Features

Compact Folding Design: This feature stands out immediately, as it allows for easy storage and transportation. It's particularly suited for spaces where storage is limited or for users who need to move the heater between locations frequently.

Three-Stage Power Settings for Gas: Offers flexibility in heat output, allowing users to choose the most appropriate setting for their current needs, which can lead to more efficient fuel use and comfort level adjustments.

Flameout Protection: Enhances safety by automatically shutting off the gas supply if the flame unexpectedly goes out, reducing the risk of gas leaks.

Piezo-Electric Ignition: Provides a reliable and easy way to ignite the heater without the need for external lighting tools, which is both convenient and safe.

Infrared Heating: Known for its ability to deliver heat directly to objects and people rather than warming the air, infrared heating is efficient and can provide comfort quickly with less energy consumption.

High Thermal Efficiency: This heater is designed to maximize the amount of heat generated from each unit of gas, making it both energy-saving and cost-effective to operate.

Built-in ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor): Further enhances safety by automatically turning the heater off if it detects a drop in the room's oxygen level, preventing potential oxygen depletion hazards.

CE Approval: Indicates that the product has met EU safety, health, and environmental requirements, which is reassuring for users in terms of the product's safety and quality standards.


What's in the Box

1 x Foldable Gas Heater: The main unit, ready to be set up and used.

1 x Screwdriver and Wrench: Tools included for assembly or adjustments, indicating that some minor assembly might be required or that these tools could be used for routine maintenance.


Potential Benefits and Use Cases

The Elegance RY10-04E Heater is well-suited for various applications, including but not limited to:

Home Use: Especially in areas that require temporary or supplemental heating. Its foldable design makes it a good choice for small apartments or homes where space is a premium.

Outdoor Areas: Like patios or terraces where a portable and efficient heat source is needed during colder months.

Workspaces: Such as workshops or garages, where its portability and quick heating can provide comfort to those working in typically unheated spaces.


In summary, the Elegance RY10-04E Black Foldable Gas Heater offers a practical solution for those needing a portable, safe, and efficient heating option. Its blend of features makes it adaptable to a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring comfort during colder periods.





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