Eurolux LED Rechargeable Lamp B22 5w Daylight

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  • 440 Lumen
  • Daylight
  • Energy efficient
  • 30 000 lamp life hours
  • Lithium-ion battery
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Eurolux LED Rechargeable Lamp B22 5w Daylight

Eurolux LED Rechargeable Lamp B22 Daylight

The Eurolux LED Rechargeable Lamp with a B22 base, rated at 5 watts, mirrors the functionality of its E27 counterpart but is designed to fit into fixtures that require a B22 (Bayonet) base. This lamp is an energy-efficient, versatile lighting solution that ensures you remain illuminated during power outages, thanks to its emergency light function and adjustable brightness levels.


Key Features

B22 Base: The lamp features a bayonet mount, common in many households, making it a direct replacement for traditional bulbs without needing any adapters or modifications.

3-Step Adjustable Brightness:

Mode 1: At full power, the bulb provides 400 Lumens, offering bright light suitable for reading, working, or any task that requires clear visibility.

Mode 2 (Load Shedding Mode):

- Initially, it operates at 50% brightness, conserving energy while still providing ample light.

- After a switch off and on, it dims to 25% brightness, extending its battery life further for prolonged usage.

- Another cycle of off and on reduces the light to 10% brightness, maximizing battery life for extended periods of low light.

Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a 3.7V 1.5Ah sealed Lithium-ion battery, it combines high energy density with longevity, ensuring up to 3 hours of light on a single charge.

Charge Time: Requires 18-20 hours to fully charge, a consideration for planning to ensure the lamp is ready for use when needed.

Emergency Light Function: It automatically switches on when power is lost, making it an essential emergency light source during unexpected power cuts.


Practical Uses and Benefits

Emergency Preparedness: Automatically turning on during power outages ensures that you are never left in the dark, enhancing safety and convenience in your home.

Energy Saving: The LED technology and the ability to adjust the brightness level not only save on your electricity bill but also allow for customized lighting according to your needs or mood.

Extended Battery Life: The flexibility to adjust brightness according to the situation helps in conserving battery, ensuring that the light can last throughout most common power outage durations.

Easy to Use: Its compatibility with regular light switches for adjusting brightness levels means there's no need for additional hardware or remote controls, simplifying its operation.