iPhone 11 – All you need to know

Since its launch in 2007, Apple’s iPhones have become widely known with customers eagerly waiting in line at launches every year. In 2019, the launch of the iPhone 11 has been hyped up so much that you would have to be living under a rock to have not heard all the buzz. Being the 3rd largest manufacturer of smartphones, behind Samsung and Huawei, Apple really needed to up its game with this new launch. But the question remains, did they live up to their hype and deliver on a new generation of iPhones with the 11.

iPhone users were so thrilled with the launch of the iPhone X in 2017 that Apple chose to launch an XS and XR model in 2018. So the iPhone 11 has been much anticipated.

The iPhone 11 launched with various models available simultaneously. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in various sizes and colours to suit your unique taste. Being true to iPhone ethos, Apple identified that a phone is a very personal choice, so launching a range of funky colours in the iPhone 11 model was a sure way to get people excited and express their individuality. We have to admit, we’re loving the option to choose red, purple, green, white or yellow. You also have the classier colours of silver, space grey, gold, white and the stunning midnight green.

Let’s get into the good stuff. The camera is all that iPhone 11 users rave about, and we totally get why. Thanks to all new sensors on the iPhone 11, that introduces full-sensor dual photodiodes (allowing more light and more vibrant colours in your photos) and upping the quality of the 12MP cameras. Pro and Pro Max customers are all about their 3rd camera, but what does it really do? This additional camera actually sees double that of the main camera and can take a 120⁰ wide – as – you – can see in one frame shot. Night mode for taking photos at night is fast becoming a new must have addition to smart phone cameras, and the new iPhone 11 checks this box with ease featuring 4Kop photos on the front and rear cameras. There is ultimate flexibility to shoot with all 3 cameras at once or choose which of the 3 to use in whatever mode you prefer to get the ultimate quality shots from the front and rear cameras.

Apple have really upped the game in terms of battery life, and it’s something they’re surely never going to look back from. Customers have started to love the advancements made on the X models and they’ve improved it even further, claiming that the iPhone 11 Pro can go for up to 4 hours longer than the iPhone XS. With the faster 18W charger included, and support for wireless charging, get ready to enjoy longer lasting thrill. Add the fact that it’s waterproof up to 4 meters on the Pro, and the fun never stops with the iPhone 11 models.

While Apple haven’t changed the dimensions on the iPhone 11 too much from X range, they have upgraded their display panels now called Super Retina XDR display. This helps OLED Screens display much higher brightness and 15% more efficient on the Pro and Pro Max editions. In addition, Apple which makes use of HEIC and HEVC, have launched various memory capacity options so you can choose one that will meet your needs.

In summary, you get the feeling that ultimately Apple are saying, “whatever you choose, we have an iPhone 11 for you”. This presents an inclusive launch of the iPhone 11 for 2019 so we have no doubt that this device will continue to be a hot trend for a little while to come. And if you haven’t checked it out as yet, come by an Incredible Connection store and one of our consultants would gladly talk you through all your questions. We also have an amazing offer to swop out your old device to get a new one if the iPhone 11 is your next must have device.