Orion Pro Convection Oven OPCO-1200C

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  • Orion professional convection oven
  • Power rating 1300W
  • Glass convection oven
  • Bake steam grill broil or roast
  • Roasting rack
  • 60 minute timer
  • 250 degree temperature selector
  • Defrost function
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Orion Pro Convection Oven OPCO-1200C

These features make the Orion Pro Convection Oven a versatile and efficient appliance for various cooking needs, allowing you to prepare a wide range of dishes with ease and precision.

Power Rating

The Orion Professional Convection Oven has a power rating of 1300W, providing sufficient heating power for various cooking functions.

Glass Convection Oven

The oven is made of glass, allowing you to monitor the cooking process easily and ensuring even heat distribution for efficient cooking.

Versatile Cooking Functions

The oven offers multiple cooking functions, including baking, steaming, grilling, broiling, and roasting, providing flexibility for various cooking needs.

Roasting Rack

The included roasting rack allows you to elevate and cook meats or other dishes evenly, ensuring thorough cooking and better results.

Timer and Temperature Selector

The oven features a 60-minute timer and a temperature selector that allows you to set the cooking duration and temperature based on your recipe requirements.

Temperature Range

The oven allows you to select temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius, giving you the flexibility to adjust the heat according to the specific dish you're preparing.

Defrost Function

The defrost function helps in thawing frozen food quickly and efficiently, a useful feature when you need to prepare frozen items for cooking.

Indicator Lights

The oven is equipped with power-on and heat indicator lights, providing visual cues to indicate when the oven is powered on and when it has reached the desired cooking temperature.