Shopping Smarter during COVID

The spread of COVID-19 over the last two months continues to affect all of us. Even as progress is made and some countries reopen, most of us are still working from home. A reminder that this is an ever-changing, global issue we must all work together to confront and overcome.

At Incredible Connection, we strive, every day to bring smart technology to all. We believe that putting the best technology in the hands of more people leads to better ideas and solutions, to all of our challenges. Now more than ever, we are seeing the value of having the right technology.

Whether it is for a teacher leading a class online or individuals using the internet at home to get their work done, technology is playing a key role in helping address the challenges the virus has created.

As more people take advantage of the safety and convenience of shopping online, we have amped up our range of products, site security and distribution network. If you’ve never shopped online, read our previous blog and get ready for a world of online shopping, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Doesn’t finding everything tech under one roof sound great? We’re your one-stop tech shop! Forget about going from store to store, save time and inconvenience and let us bring it to your door.

An added benefit of shopping with us is that we are partnered with eBucks, uCount and Discovery Miles. So not only are you getting great tech but big rewards too.

With all these remote online activities, we recommend that you install internet protection security to keep your personal and work information safe. Read our blog on why increasing cybersecurity is important.

So, how can we help you with what you need?

Shopping smarter starts with us!

Our laptop, tablet and smartphone ranges include some of the biggest names in tech brands. Gone are the days when a device was limited to just one function. With the need for constant communication even more than ever, you can now use products like Microsoft 365 on an iPhone allowing you to never lose track even when you’re juggling between home and work.

Ran out of ink or need a new printer? We’ve got you covered. HP, Canon and Epson will provide you with the best in print quality. Not sure of which ink your printer uses? No need to stress, use our service option here.

And if you’re thinking of making one of the rooms in your home a permanent office, don’t despair, we’ve even got office tables and chairs.

All work and no play, does take its toll especially with social restrictions. No stress, we’ve got your entertainment fix. Smart Tv’s, set top boxes and some booming audio are just what the doctor ordered for you to relax and unwind.

And if that isn’t enough, you can also top-up your favourite subscription services like Netflix, Spotify and Uber for some epic movies, soulful sounds and tasty eats. Catch up with DStv or replace your remote, become a pilot by flying a drone or start a new hobby like photography.

As restrictions have been eased, we’re excited that our stores are open with our tech experts waiting to provide you with all your essential tech advice, service and products.

We have equipped ourselves ensuring that our environment is safe and hygienic for your visit.

Stay safe, healthy and protect those around you!