Take this New Year your way!

We’ve heard it before. "New year, new me", "Getting myself back" and the ever evolving "#Goals". Well, to go one step further on that beat, those of us keen on being healthier and keeping in shape often advise others and each other about a 'lifestyle change'. As if the person stepping into the gym with their costly monthly contracts, or who's just purchased some hefty home equipment and sought an expensive dietitian is trying to make this a short term investment. The truth is, everyone is seeking the holy grail of fitness and health and the story changes as you go down the list of health bloggers, fitness freaks and lifestyle advisers, even though you and your waistline stay the same. Add smart wearable devices into the mix and just about everyone that has one also has an opinion on how these devices should make the weight just fall off, right?  If like us, you're feeling frustrated, we've spent some time decoding smart wearables and what they can do for your fitness goals in 2020.

There are so many variables we need to take into account if we’re trying to be healthier. But most importantly we need to know where we are at currently. A simple BMI calculation, calorie count app and activity tracker will tell you what your current fitness level is. So asking for an easy slide into a Cross-fit class, may not be for you. Or it might?  Smart watches are a hugely trending must-have 2020 item. These smart wearables now perform a variety of tasks that overall will help us live more connected. Some of these include step trackers, heart rate monitors, calorie and water trackers and even work out assistants. Integrated with many different apps for both Android and IOS like MyFitnessPal, MyPlate, Lifesum and Noom, you could have up to a full weight loss program.

Smart device users have opted to be brand loyal i.e. Android users sticking with Android options and IOS lovers opting for the Apple Smart Watch. Samsung have stayed true to their mould and provided a smart partner in the Galaxy Watches. Stay on top of your calendar, pave a path while you’re off- roading with built-in GPS and don’t be afraid to get the Galaxy Smart watch wet. The range comes in Silver, Midnight Black and Rose Gold in different sizes with full colour circular display and charges wirelessly.

Apple users, ever after making a statement show off in their square face designs that have innovated themselves in sizes, band colours and style options since their launch. A stand out sport band for the fitness savvy and a rose gold 44mm design for something a little daintier. You can stream music while staying on top of your workout and never miss a beat with your friends as the Apple Smart Watch performs a variety of activities up to making calls on the generation 5 model.

But what about Brands like Garmin and Fitbit? Fitbit have been one of the first in taking customers on an active journey with smaller bracelet looking options, to now a full face watch integrated with your smartphone. And we cannot get enough of the designs that has gone into the various Gamin options from the sporty to the feminine and everything in between. Gamin and Fitbit are winners for bringing these smart wearables into affordability for the everyday user. So pick one up and stay on track and always aware of where you are verses your goals while you enjoy all the perks of a smart watch without the price tag!

Fitness and staying healthy should not be restricted to a gym and at home exercises. In 2020, we invite you to be as creative with how you choose to be active. Keeping your smart wearable with you will ensure you're burning those calories, taking a hike to a healthy romantic picnic with your partner, spending an alcohol- free night dancing it out with your best girl friends or even taking the kids to fun places like Bounce and Jump that burn those calories right off you. We believe, swimming isn't just for the holidays and taking up a group sport like volleyball and soccer will give you an added sense of commitment to the team while keeping you fit and active.  Having a smart wearable makes sure that as long as you're keeping your heart rate up and breaking a sweat and being as open to just about anything physical will leave you not only healthier and closer to your fitness goals but definitely feeling good about yourself this year.

We cannot stress enough that building up your fitness level doesn't happen overnight and you need to ease yourself into your goals. So keeping your smart wearable charged and tracking you is a great way to stay motivated as you see the weight come off and that heart rate sky rocket with each week’s workout. This also keeps you from becoming complacent about how hard you need to keep working, even after you've reach your desirable weight. What we love most about the Smart watch options are that you can always be cautious about what you're putting into your body. Calorie trackers do just that and if lunch was a biggy, out with your colleagues, you're able to read that and scale back dinner to stay within your daily limits.

So as these little add on smart wearables are designed to make out workouts and our lives easier, let’s let them. Remember that although all the cornels get the same heat in the same pot, but they don’t all pop at once. Keep track of your own journey and own it this new year!