A computer virus is often malicious software that is designed to either self-replicate or copy itself onto any device that you connect to the infected laptop or PC. Unless removed correctly, it will continue to spread and infect the device and other connected devices.

If your computer is infected, you will probably experience the following:
- Slow performance with your device taking a long time to start up.
- Problems shutting down at the end of your session or restarting.
- Missing files that you suddenly can’t find.
- Error messages and various pop-up windows.
- Overworked hard drive (sounds of increased activity and a whirring noise even though you aren’t doing much).
- Spam emails.
- Browser redirects or slowness.
- Your antivirus programmes start to malfunction or firewalls become problematic.

For a small diagnostic fee, our Tech experts will identity any problems on your device. Once the problem has been diagnosed, you can have the device booked in for a repair (if required). Your diagnostic fee can then be deducted from the charge of the actual repair.

We will also transfer your data when your device is in for repair, so you don’t lose any information. We provide a data recovery service in case your PC or laptop crashes, and every effort will be made to save your data. However, in some cases, it’s simply not possible to save all your data, and this can only be determined upon assessment.

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