We make Big Tech Dreams Affordable

After taking some much needed R&R, kicking back with friends and all that Christmas shopping, we're sure your feeling ready to take 2020 by the horns. Unfortunately, our wallets are not feeling quite up to the challenge as we do and weighing your New Year spirit down. If you're not quite sure about how you will afford that much needed new laptop or your home office printer has given up or you know you can't possibly carry that laptop bag back into work as it rips at the seams, we've got your back! Stepping into a new year at the office, or taking on your final year majors, even entering high school this year, we know you have Incredible taste and we're here to help make your needs more accessible.

The very best in tech is what Incredible Connection is known for and that's why you shop with us, but it's not always within everyone's means to shop a new laptop for R30 000 at the drop of a hat. Buying the latest and greatest in Tech, if you're in the market, means that you'd walk out with something that is built for durability and to stand the test of your fast pace lifestyle while living seamlessly alongside you. But if you consider some of these hefty price tags, you may end up second guessing your choice. You don't have to, if you consider that we have many different payment options and credit options for you to be able to bring tech dreams to life this new year.

But let's talk about credit and how we can help you afford the things you need to make sure you will be nothing short of Best in Class this 2020. Firstly, it's important to note that your Credit application is processed by the South African Credit Bureau. They ensure that credit limit amounts are within your reach. However, it is our advice that you create a monthly budget for yourself before taking out any credit application and then budget for how you will make those monthly payments. Every rand adds up, so don't go into unnecessary debt and be thrifty with how you plan your spending in the new year.

The good news is that with Incredible Connection, we offer 0% interest on all orders over R4999 with up to 36 months to pay. So we make is really easy to afford the classy tech you deserve start 2020 on a great foot. And for our VIP Customers with great credit profiles there is also a 6 month Fixed Loan Term. Lastly, we make it really easy to apply. Just SMS your South African ID Number to 43092 and one of our consultants will call you back to discuss your credit options. Or simply visit your nearest Incredible Connection to complete the application process with one of our store advisors.

In 2020, let Incredible Connection help you afford the tech you need so that you can achieve the goals you must for this year!